Josh Kiszka Bio

Curly hair, unique mustache, and barefoot performance? Can you guess which musician I’m talking about? Of course, it`s the one and only Josh Kiszka. Born in Frankenmuth, Michigan, United States, on April 23, 1996, Josh Kiszka is a well-known musician, songwriter, composer, lyricist… And yes, the list goes on…he is also a social media influencer, […]

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Barbi Benton Bio

Have you ever heard about Barbi Benton? If not, let me introduce you to this 70s Playboy icon. Let`s do a quick overview The most well-known fact about this American model, actress, singer, and television personality is that she was Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend and the brains behind the “Playboy” brand. She dated Hefner for nine

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Carmen Jane Plant Bio

Most rockstars’ kids follow in the footsteps of their parents. They develop their musical talent and pursue music like their parents. Some gain success, while others perpetually follow in the footsteps of their successful parents. But there are some exceptions to this trend, and Carmen Jane Plant is an amazing example of someone born to

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Maureen Wilson Bio: The Interesting Story of Robert Plant’s Former Wife

Maureen Wilson has had a long and interesting life. She’s best known for being the one and only wife of Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. Their story is amazing, and their marriage is still one of the best rock n’ roll marriages. I always thought young Robert Plant was handsome, so I’m jealous of Maureen!

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jack white bio

Jack White Bio

Revolutionary, genius, and controversial, Jack White ticks all the boxes for being a timeless rock star. In true rock fashion, the man behind White Stripes is an artist who never did anything in a conventional way. This Jack White’s bio is full of unexpected decisions and events that make him worthy of being the ultimate

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Elvis Costello Bio

While the music industry has its fair share of megastars, sometimes people go under the radar. Not everyone is as showy as Elvis, as rowdy As David Lee Roth, or as tragic as Kurt Cobain. Occasionally, there is just a shining talent with a penchant for writing great music. In my opinion, that’s exactly what

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Don Henley Bio

The story of the Eagles is one of glorious collaboration between talented musicians and even more glorious fights between egos. Of the many voices the band had, Don Henley’s is probably the one that achieved the biggest success as a solo artist. Along with his unquestionable contribution to some of classic rock’s biggest staples, legal

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Roy Orbison Bio

I confess that even though I grew up listening to classic rock (at least how it was defined in the ’90s and early ’00s), I somehow missed one of its pioneers, Roy Orbison. I was halfway through my twenties when I stumbled upon Bruce Springsteen’s speech for Roy Orbison’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

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