Mark Mumm

Mark's been listening to rock music since he was born. His parents would play it whenever they played music. He was raised on classic artists like The Beatles, The Who, and The Doors. His favorite musician is undoubtedly David Bowie, but he loves others like The Airborne Toxic Event and Frank Turner as well. He's excited to share the years of knowledge he has with you!

The Temptations Band History

The Temptations are, without question, one of music’s greatest groups of all time. Though they are a group of a distinctly American genre and their story is equally a uniquely American tale, their influence and success worldwide cannot be overstated. The Temptations were one of the pioneers of Motown’s popularity in the US, influenced international […]

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Roy Orbison Bio

I confess that even though I grew up listening to classic rock (at least how it was defined in the ’90s and early ’00s), I somehow missed one of its pioneers, Roy Orbison. I was halfway through my twenties when I stumbled upon Bruce Springsteen’s speech for Roy Orbison’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

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David Bowie Guitars Guide

As I’ve written about extensively before, David Bowie was a master of reinvention and rebirth, even ironically, during his own eulogy…so to speak. The reinventions encapsulated everything about Bowie: his look and his sound. Bowie is most known, as it relates to music, for his position as a songwriter and frontman. Thus, it’s easy to

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David Bowie Bio

There are few, if anybody else, in history who perfectly balanced artistic talent, charisma, weirdness, and rebirth as eloquently and successfully as David Bowie. His career spanned 5 decades with ten times the amount of identities and changes in musical direction. Over his career, he scored five number 1 singles and eleven number 1 albums

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queen band history

Queen Band History

Queen is one of the most successful bands of all-time, full-stop. The men who comprised the band Queen were as eclectic as the band’s music itself. A designer, an astrophysicist, a dentist/biologist, and an electrical engineer formed a tour de force (of couuuurse!) blending rock n’ roll, symphonic, theatrical, new wave, dance and so many

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