Melia McEnery Bio – What is Known About Eric Clapton’s Wife?

Melia McEnery is mostly known as the wife of one of the world’s most acclaimed guitarists, Eric Clapton. They have been married for over 20 years (since 2002), and despite having a significant age difference, it seems as if the couple is happily enjoying their relationship while mostly keeping it out of the public spotlight. …

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38 Special Band History

38 Special Band History

If you’re from the United States of America, you might recognize .38 Special as a commonly used cartridge by police departments up until the 1990s. However, today we’re talking about a different kind of 38 Special. 38 Special is an American rock band that was born in 1974 in Jacksonville, Florida, and that is still …

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Karis Jagger Bio

Mick Jagger is the quintessential rockstar. With his band, The Rolling Stones, they released numerous albums, played globally, and are considered one of the most legendary bands. And with eight children, he has quite the legacy! His older child is Karis, who he had with Marsha Hunt. But where is Karis Jagger now? What is …

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