Adam Braunstein

Adam has been playing guitar and seeing hard rock for 18 years. He loves all sorts of rock musicians, from The Beatles to Guns N Roses and Dirty Honey. He credits many of these artists and more to his inspiration as he plays the guitar. It has led him to focus on creating his own music instead of just playing others. They have also led him here to Rock Era Insider. As a freelance writer and a fan of rock, Adam is the perfect person to bring you all of the nitty-gritty details on your favorite artists.

Elvis Costello Bio

While the music industry has its fair share of megastars, sometimes people go under the radar. Not everyone is as showy as Elvis, as rowdy As David Lee Roth, or as tragic as Kurt Cobain. Occasionally, there is just a shining talent with a penchant for writing great music. In my opinion, that’s exactly what

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Rod Stewart Bio

Only a few artists have such an impact as Sir Roderick David Stewart. Decades of music. Decades of influence. If you are not a fan of Rod Stewart yet, you should be. Continually reinventing himself, he’s been a mod, a rocker, a soul-pop master. He’s worked with many music greats. Today, he’s still standing, touring,

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Dave Matthews Bio

For years now, there has been only one band I can think of that has their concerts referred to as one name. That name, of course, is Dave. Throughout my college years, I’d have friends asking if I was going to Dave that night or if Dave was coming to play near our school soon.

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Eagles Band History

Underrated gets thrown around a lot in the music industry, but I don’t think any rock band in music history encapsulates this more than The Eagles. Everyone always talks about The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones, but did you know that The Eagles are right alongside them when it comes to the highest-selling

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michael jackson bio

Michael Jackson Bio

Very rarely can you point to something and say the greatest all-time and not be called over exaggerating. That’s what makes Michael Jackson such a unique artist in the music world. He was unequivocally the greatest pop star in music history. He was a figure that was simply larger than life in so many ways,

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bob dylan bio

Bob Dylan Bio

The term greatest of all time is one that we tend to throw around often when talking about music. The greatest rock star of all time, the greatest singer of all time, the greatest dancer of all time, etc. When it comes to Bob Dylan in particular, I can’t think of any artist who actually

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