Adam Braunstein

Adam has been playing guitar and seeing hard rock for 18 years. He loves all sorts of rock musicians, from The Beatles to Guns N Roses and Dirty Honey. He credits many of these artists and more to his inspiration as he plays the guitar. It has led him to focus on creating his own music instead of just playing others. They have also led him here to Rock Era Insider. As a freelance writer and a fan of rock, Adam is the perfect person to bring you all of the nitty-gritty details on your favorite artists.

neil young bio

Neil Young Bio

Few artists in the history of rock and roll have managed to have the career that Neil Young has achieved. With a musical repertoire that spans multiple bands, 60 years, and the respect of his peers the world over, there are few artists who can stand next to Neil Young when it comes to rock.

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Axl Rose Bio

The 1980s hard rock scene is one of the most fascinating parts of music history. The excess, over-the-top hair and destructive lifestyles were not only put on display by the bands, but they were promoted heavily as well. One of the bands that attempted to break this mold was Guns N’ Roses, a hard rock

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