Gustavo Pereira

Gustavo is a full-time musician with a passion for guitars and rock music. He's one far to chase his dreams, even moving to Barcelona to pursue his studies. He also spends time as a music teacher, teaching adults and children guitar, ukulele, and music theory. He loves to be able to combine his passion for teaching, writing, and music in one place and share his knowledge with you!

Greta Van Fleet Band History guide

Greta Van Fleet Band History – A Promising Legacy in the Making

It is no secret to anyone that rock music isn’t at the forefront of the contemporary scene. Modern genres of music and their presence in the mainstream channels seem overwhelming against the classic sounds that guitarists love. Luckily, there are bands such as Greta Van Fleet, who push the vintage vibe forward with an energy […]

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38 Special Band History

38 Special Band History

If you’re from the United States of America, you might recognize .38 Special as a commonly used cartridge by police departments up until the 1990s. However, today we’re talking about a different kind of 38 Special. 38 Special is an American rock band that was born in 1974 in Jacksonville, Florida, and that is still

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the doors band history

The Doors Band History

The Doors is one of the most famous and recognizable rock bands of the 60s, and despite their somewhat short career, they accomplished lots of amazing achievements and left became immortalized in rock & roll history. They were fluent in several music genres, something that becomes evident once you start to explore their discography. Morrison’s

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