Rod Stewart Bio

Only a few artists have such an impact as Sir Roderick David Stewart. Decades of music. Decades of influence. If you are not a fan of Rod Stewart yet, you should be. Continually reinventing himself, he’s been a mod, a rocker, a soul-pop master. He’s worked with many music greats. Today, he’s still standing, touring, […]

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Dave Matthews Bio

For years now, there has been only one band I can think of that has their concerts referred to as one name. That name, of course, is Dave. Throughout my college years, I’d have friends asking if I was going to Dave that night or if Dave was coming to play near our school soon.

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Bob Seger Bio

Without a doubt one of the most influential rock and roll musicians to ever walk this planet.  Even though I was more into drumming at an early age, I was still aware of Seger’s work. I mean, who doesn’t know his famous album “Night Moves.”  I remember being inspired by his story, especially his seamless

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michael jackson bio

Michael Jackson Bio

Very rarely can you point to something and say the greatest all-time and not be called over exaggerating. That’s what makes Michael Jackson such a unique artist in the music world. He was unequivocally the greatest pop star in music history. He was a figure that was simply larger than life in so many ways,

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