36 Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Ideas to Ink and to Avoid

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Jimi Hendrix, another iconic hero of the rock era, is a popular choice for body art. I can share the main tip: think carefully about what you permanently ink into your skin. I’m exceptionally picky about my inks, even as a rocking fan. I’ll show you some Jimi Hendrix tattoo ideas that you’ll love forever.

Remember that tattoos are a lifelong commitment, and you need to think hard about what you want to be inked for the rest of your life. Hendrix is the world’s most famous electric guitarist from the rock era, and no regrets are waiting if you’re a fan. However, the type of Jimi Hendrix tattoo you get will also matter.

Rock on to my tips and recommended ideas if you want the lowdown on what’s hip for Jimi Hendrix tattoos.

Bottom Line Up Front

The rocking bottom truth about Jimi Hendrix tattoos is that they can be a masterpiece or a disaster. First, I’ll share the essential tips on ensuring ideal Hendrix tattoos and how I selected the best ideas to avoid the disasters you can experience. Bad tattoo ideas can be crippling, mainly because they’re permanent.

I’m a tattoo enthusiast who loves rock. I grew up in a home where Hendrix was one of a few legends shaking the foundation through massive speakers. So, I’ve carefully selected 17 Jimi Hendrix tattoo ideas for portraits, seven ideas for full sleeves, another six ideas for lyric tattoos, and six more for concert tattoo ideas.

Follow the memory of Jimi strumming his electrical strings to find out more.

My Ultimate Idea: “Self-Made” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


Jimi Hendrix was a self-made master of rock and electric guitars. He never quit until he had fans falling over their feet at concerts. This Jimi Hendrix tattoo idea yells self-made in every way. It’s bold, confident, and customizable if you want to change the location. The depth of details makes it one of my favorite ideas.


Hendrix looks happy, and I feel like I’m looking at the man himself when I see this tattoo idea. If you can find an artist capable of this kind of depth, you’ve got a winning Jimi Hendrix tattoo idea.

Ideal locations: This Jimi Hendrix tattoo would rock your entire back, chest, arm (sleeve), or leg.

Tips Before Inking Jimi Hendrix

It goes without saying; you have to visit a tattoo artist with a portfolio that shows their skills in tatting faces, colorful inks, and realistic designs. Jimi Hendrix tattoos are meaningful and memorable for rock fans. However, you don’t want ink from an unknown or unskilled artist. You will live with the regret forever.

It’s not easy to tattoo faces. Many tattoo artists can design beautiful mandalas, guns-n-roses tats, and calligraphy. Still, they might fall short in their facial designs. So, look at their portfolio first. An expert portrait tattooist, Pony Lawson, explains what you need to know in his YouTube video before getting one.

A detailed Jimi Hendrix tattoo will cost nearly as much as you’d pay to see him live if he was still around. Secondly, you don’t only have to consider Jimi Hendrix’s face tats. Dive into how I picked my ideas, and you’ll see the many options available.

How Did I Select the Best Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Ideas?

Ask yourself, why do you ink your skin? The answer is typical: you want to remember and honor someone or something. Tattoos mean something, but they also commemorate legends. The best tattoo ideas strike a memory deep in your core, and they resonate with emotional attraction to the images.

I want meaningful Jimi Hendrix tattoo ideas, and they must have enough detail to make me want to dance to his music. Depth and quality mean everything to me. I’ll share various ideas for Jimi Hendrix tattoos and types.

No-Regret Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Ideas

Jimi Hendrix was a legend, and every true rock fan knows his face. However, there are many ways to commemorate Hendrix on your skin without adding his face. I’ll show you a few choices and give you ideas to show your love for the electric guitarist, from portraits to concerts and lyric tattoos.

Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo Ideas

Jimi Hendrix portraits are some of the most popular tattoo ideas. There are a few fabulous designs to inspire your next ink. Some of Hendrix’s tattooed portraits are colorful, and others are monotone.

1. “Smoking Hot” Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


Let’s face it, Jimi Hendrix smoked cigarettes like a steam train. It was his method of cooling off after a rocking concert. Besides, smoking was “cool” back in the 1960s. Anyway, the depth of this tattoo is incredible. You can see the smoke steaming from Hendrix’s mouth while you can count every line on his hands.


Ideal location: The calves work well, but this tattoo will look excellent as an arm sleeve.

2. “Rocking Universe” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


Jimi Hendrix had a way of taking you into a musical universe filled with rock n roll. His electrical strings carried you to a milky way with notes and flows. This face tattoo for Jimi Hendrix is a salute to the memory of his ability to drive your soul to another galaxy. The details of his bearded stubble add depth and realism.


Ideal location: It would look great on the calves, upper arms, or chest.

3. “Mind Blown” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo

Mind Blown Hendrix Portrait Tattoo

Imagine taking an image of Jimi Hendrix that screams music, rock, and fame and inking it over your back. This artwork is incredible, and I love how Hendrix’s hair became the ultimate instrument that led to his fame. I’m not crazy about the weed, but take this art to an experienced portrait tattooist, and you’ll have a winner.

Ideal locations: This massive beauty would be fantastic on your back.

4. “Strumming” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


I never attended Hendrix’s live concerts. However, my father was a fan and attended a few Woodstock festivals. My dad always told me that Jimi looked like his soul interweaved with his guitar when he focused on the stage. This in-depth tattoo commemorates that magical moment between Jimi and the guitar.


Ideal locations: The hyper-realistic tattoo would look incredible as an arm sleeve or on the back of your calves

5. “Psychedelic” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


Hendrix played at many Woodstock festivals. Modern Woodstock isn’t the same as rock fans enjoyed in the 1960s and 1970s. Psychedelic colors were the rage, and this tattoo commemorates how the Woodstock color splash coincides with Hendrix’s beautiful mind. The eye and mouth details are impressive.


Ideal location: I’d ink this beauty on the back of my shoulders or my chest if I were a man

6. “Ultimate Vibes” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


My “ultimate vibes” idea is similar to the “strumming” tattoo. However, it takes Hendrix’s soulful dance with music to another level. He has closed his eyes, and his mouth takes you back to the sounds of your favorite rock compilation from the legend. The depth of his fingers, headband, and face move your musical soul.


Ideal locations: It works on your upper arms or your back.

7. “Caricature” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo

Caricature Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo

Honestly, you have to be brave to ink caricature art on your skin. It’s an acquired taste, but I promised variety, so I’m sharing this Hendrix ink idea. The image has excellent details for a caricature picture, and it could appeal to rock fans who want something unique. It even includes Hendrix’s guitar.

Ideal locations: It would work on the upper arms, calves, and back.

8. “Anticipation” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


This tattoo seems like a typical color ink of the rockstar. However, I see the deeper meaning behind the tattoo. I searched for many images of Jimi Hendrix before he walked on stage. He wore a face of anticipation, one filled with pure calmness. He never feared the stage, and this tattoo commemorates Hendrix’s brave anticipation.


Ideal locations: It would look fantastic on the upper arms, thighs, calves, and back.

9. “A New Era” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


Jimi Hendrix never battled with drugs the way most rockstars did. He used substances a few times, but he never allowed them to control his life. This portrait tattoo shows the legend in a new era of his musical career. He heals from the trials and experiments with the drugs that took many of his rocking colleagues.


Ideal locations: It would look incredible on the upper arms, calves, back, and chest.

10. “Passion Overload” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo

Passion Overload Hendrix Portrait Tattoo

Hendrix was a passionate man, whether he poured his love into the electric guitar or turned the peace war into a cry for humanity. I found this gorgeous poster and thought about the unique elements it would bring to a full-back tattoo. I’d remove the black background and focus solely on the artist and his passions.

Ideal locations: This gorgeous ink will look magical on your back.

11. “Skulling Me” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


I always thought skull tattoos were ridiculous, but I recently learned that they mean life and death, negative and positive, or good and evil. I believe Hendrix battled many of these issues, and the skull portrait tattoo ideas for Jimi Hendrix make much more sense now. Besides, you’ll honor his life and death with a skull tattoo.


Ideal locations: It would work well on the upper arms, calves, lower back, shoulders, and chest.

12. “Voodoo Calavera” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo

Voodoo Calavera Portrait Tattoo

Unlike skull tattoos, Voodoo and Calavera versions for Hendrix tattoos have far more detail and meaning. Calavera is a Mexican art tradition that depicts colorful and patterned skulls to honor the dead. Jimi Hendrix is long gone, and using this art style to showcase his portrait would be next-level insane.

Ideal locations: It would look fabulous over your back or chest.

13. “Musical / Spiritual Guru” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


Fans once worshipped Jimi Hendrix when he walked onto a stage. He was the guru that helped their musical and deep spiritual souls collide in a burst of magic and wonder. I’d undoubtedly change the font for his name, but this tattoo showcases the legend like a guru. I’d also add some color to the halo formation behind him.


Ideal locations: It looks incredible on the upper arms, lower back, shoulders, and chest.

14. “Fire Within” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


What do you think about the fire within? Hendrix had an ever-burning flame he shared with his rock fans. Yet, another legend held a steady flame inside the legend before it burned the passions too quickly. This tattoo gave me an idea for a portrait with a smaller version of Hendrix calming the fire within his musical soul.


Ideal locations: It works on your shoulders, lower back, upper arms, and thighs.

15. “Gunslinging Irony” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


I can’t imagine Hendrix with gangster-styled guns flung over his shoulders. He was a man of peace, promoting love, harmony, and musical bliss that brings peace to the world. However, the depth of this tattoo is something else. It resonates with a reminder of who Hendrix wasn’t, but the details are unmatched by most ideas.


Ideal locations: It would look brilliant on your upper arms, back, or on the side of your rib cage.

16. “Abstract Man” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo


The abstract version of Hendrix’s portrait isn’t one of my favorites because the details on his face aren’t as clear as I’d want them to be. However, the Jimi Hendrix tattoo idea has depth in that it shows the interior of an artist’s mind beyond the portrait. The scribbles look like the creative juices flowing out of Hendrix’s head.


Ideal locations: It suits your back, chest, calves, or upper arms.

Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Tattoo sleeves are fantastic choices for rock fans. You can do so much with them. My ideas are entirely customizable if you prefer a different concert, song, or compilation.

1. “Double Tap” Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Sleeve


I’m using this leg sleeve tattoo as an example because it has a gorgeously detailed side-shot of Hendrix in thought, while the bottom showcases the legend enjoying his rocking guitar. Use a concert, lyrics, or notes at the bottom if you don’t want two Hendrix tats in one sleeve. Make sure the artist knows you want depth.


Ideal locations: The arms or legs are perfect for inked sleeves.

2. “Wrap Me Up” Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Sleeve

Wrap Me Up Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Sleeve

Imagine Jimi Hendrix wrapping your soul in his electric rock music as your mind falls into a profound realm of realism and fandom. Very few Hendrix tattoos look this good. It’s also the perfect sleeve because it doesn’t have exposed edges. I’d highly recommend a wrap-around sleeve for Jimi Hendrix in concert.

Ideal locations: This sleeve looks like magic on the arms.

3. “Soulful Transformation” Kimi Hendrix Sleeve Tattoo


This tattoo is another fantastic example of using Hendrix’s face with ink that depicts his soulful intertwinement with the guitar underneath. The depth of this tattoo is phenomenal, and it showcases the legend’s guitar entirely against a backdrop with so much detail that you think you can see Hendrix’s sweat on stage.


Ideal locations: Jimi Hendrix tattoo sleeves work on the arms and legs.

4. “The Experience” Jimi Hendrix Sleeve Tattoo

The Experience Jimi Hendrix Sleeve Tattoo

You’ll have to be as bold as Hendrix was when he started the Experience band if you want this sleeve. I’m using it as a more straightforward example of turning one of the famous posters into a tattoo sleeve. Take away the background, and use the central portrait with the band’s name as a simple yet colorful sleeve.

Ideal locations: It would wrap around the legs or arms nicely.

5. “All-Consuming Psychedelia” Jimi Hendrix Sleeve Tattoo


Wrapping your arms and legs in a sleeve with Jimi Hendrix surrounded by colorful music expressions is unlike other sleeves. You don’t always need to add concert information, song names, or lyrics to make the ideal sleeve tattoo for Jimi Hendrix. Surrounding him with a colorful and musical soul is enough.


Ideal locations: It would be fantastic on your arms and legs.

6. “Fly Me Away” Jimi Hendrix Sleeve Tattoo


The tattoo artist shares the original image from which the tattoo came, and it’s a marvelous match made in rock heaven. The depth around Hendrix’s eyes, face, and clothes is phenomenal. This tattoo idea isn’t a sleeve on its own, but it can become one. Imagine adding the lyrics from your favorite song running down below it.


Ideal locations: I see this sleeve suiting your arms more than your legs.

7. “Born to Play” Jimi Hendrix Sleeve Tattoo


What makes you remember Hendrix more than his facial artwork? I can close my eyes and follow his fingers across the electric guitar as the musical memory flows me into a peaceful space. This sleeve tattoo idea commemorates Hendrix’s flow with the guitar, and it has incredible details for a simple ink.


Ideal locations: It would look excellent on my legs or arms.

Jimi Hendrix Lyric Tattoo Ideas

I have a few ideas in this category, whether you love a specific song or want ideas for lyrics, quotes, and autographs. Every idea is customizable if you prefer different calligraphy styles. Maybe you want to add keynotes, or you’d love to add a ribbon with your favorite song’s name to Hendrix’s portrait tattoos.

1. “Classic” Jimi Hendrix Autograph Tattoo


Some tattoo artists are fantastic calligraphers, and they can imitate Hendrix’s autograph with excellent attention to detail. This tattoo is a classic ink of the legend’s face with a simple signature underneath the tattoo. Hendrix’s hair looks as electric as his guitars, and the details on his shirt are impressive.


Ideal locations: This ink works on the back, chest, upper arms, and calves.

2. “Hey Joe” Jimi Hendrix Lyric / Portrait Tattoo


Hey, Joe” was one of Hendrix’s greatest hits. However, I’m using this tattoo to inspire a new idea for you. Which song do you love the most? Did you love “Castles Made of Sand,” “Foxy Lady,” or “Purple Haze?” Select a detailed portrait image of Hendrix and add your favorite song on a ribbon beneath it. It’s simple and effective.


Ideal locations: This ink would work on your chest, back, arms, and legs.

3. “Famous Quotes” Jimi Hendrix Lyric Tattoo


Sure, lyric tattoos would involve songs from the legend. However, you can change things by adding one of Jimi Hendrix’s famous quotes to your ink instead. This image represents one of my favorite quotes from the man. I’d ask my tattoo artist to design it with an Edwardian font to match Hendrix’s signature.


Ideal locations: I’d wear this on my inner wrist, calves, and lower back.

4. “Custom Job” Jimi Hendrix Lyric Tattoo


Custom tattoos are the best designs you can ink. Take your time to design something unique for yourself. I’m using this tattoo merely as an example of how detailed you can go. Add a classic portrait of Hendrix, and use different calligraphy styles to add your favorite lyrics, song names, and concert dates floating around him.


Ideal locations: It can be a sleeve if you add enough detail, or you can ink this on your back or chest.

5. “Legend Papyrus” Jimi Hendrix Lyric / Song Name Tattoo


Papyrus-styled tattoos are popular, and they allow you to add anything you wish. This Jimi Hendrix legend tattoo idea gave me a new one. First, I’d add Hendrix’s signature to the top of the papyrus. Then, I’d add my top five songs from the legend in smaller calligraphy underneath it. I’d also add the year for each song next to it.


Ideal locations: I see this papyrus tattoo looking fantastic on the back of your calves.

6. “Are You Experienced?” Jimi Hendrix Lyric Tattoo


The Experience band was quite the experience for Hendrix, pun intended. This tattoo falls under concert and portrait ideas, but I’d make some changes. Use the words around Hendrix to add your favorite lyrics from the legend. You can add a quote that hit home or add his top songs on one end and autograph on the other.


Ideal locations: This ink would look incredible over my back.

Commemorative Concert Tattoo Ideas

The chances are pretty low that you’ve attended one of Hendrix’s concerts in person, but I could be wrong. There are ways to commemorate the rock legend with ink if you want to customize one of my ideas to fit into your favorite memories from YouTube or live concerts.

1. “Retro Visual” Concert Tattoo


Jimi Hendrix was a rock legend who also loved peace and all things Woodstock. He was one of the most highly anticipated performers at Woodstock festivals, bringing crowds of “flower power” fans to the soft rock stage. This image would create a beautiful commemoration of Hendrix against a “flower power” background.


Ideal locations: This beauty would be a massive tattoo, ideal for your back.

2. “1967 Monterey” Jimi Hendrix Concert Tattoo


Combining concert dates with the rocking legend and his in-depth portraits can turn into a beautiful sleeve. Which concert was your most memorable? You can watch them on YouTube, even though they were many moons back. This tattoo blends a detailed portrait with Hendrix’s guitar and a concert poster.


Ideal locations: It would make one impressive Jimi Hendrix tattoo sleeve, and you can change the details.

3. “Woodstock Flame” Jimi Hendrix Concert Tattoo


You can mix ideas for concert tattoos, even turning them into sleeves. For example, this Jimi Hendrix tattoo screams Woodstock as loud as the rockstar’s fans yelled for encores. It’s an in-depth, colorful tattoo with Woodstock jacket patterns. You simply need to add a concert poster for your favorite festival underneath it.


Ideal locations: It would work on the arms and legs as a sleeve, or you can add a shorter version on your chest or back.

4. “Woodstock Hippie” Concert Tattoo

Woodstock Hippie Jimi Hendrix Concert Tattoo

I saw this painting and thought of how Hendrix showed up as a hippie dressed in Native American outfits with suede fringes and beading to the 1969 Woodstock festival. The famous outfit is a unique aspect of a commemorative Jimi Hendrix tattoo idea that takes you back to the festivals, whether on YouTube or in person.

Ideal locations: This fabulously customizable design would look incredible on your back or upper arms.

5. “On-Stage Euphoria” Concert Tattoo


I’ve watched how Hendrix enjoyed every minute of his concerts. The man’s passion for music that drives the souls to peace was another level for most musicians. This Jimi Hendrix portrait tattoo idea also represents the man’s utter euphoria as he engages with his music-consuming fans.


Ideal locations: It would make a bold statement on your arms or calves.

6. “Fuzz Face” Jimi Hendrix Commemorative Concert Tattoo


Jimi Hendrix’s Fuzz Face Dunlop guitar was a massive part of his most famous concerts. This tattoo idea is unusual, and it allows you to remember the man’s music more than his face. The guitar face details are incredible, and you can add your favorite song name to the top. It looks great with Hendrix’s autograph below.


Ideal locations: This small gem would look fantastic on your hands, feet, calves, thighs, arms, chest, back, and anywhere you can imagine a tat.

Top Q&As

Question: Which Jimi Hendrix Tattoo Ideas are the Most Popular?

Answer: Jimi Hendrix fans love seeing the legend’s face, whether he’s strumming the guitar or smoking a cigarette after a concert. Jimi Hendrix portrait tattoos are undoubtedly the first choice for inked rock-era fans. Jimi Hendrix tattoo sleeves are also standard because you can add a portrait, lyrics, color, instruments, etc.

Question: Which Jimi Hendrix Outfit is the Best for Tattoos?

Answer: Honestly, my favorite Jimi Hendrix outfit is the Native American suede one he wore at the 1969 Woodstock festival. It makes a unique tattoo idea because everyone runs for the regular jacket seen in most of his inks. Most of Jimi Hendrix’s tattoo ideas have him in the same coat, which is dull, in my opinion.

Question: Which Jimi Hendrix Song Names Work for Tattoo Ideas?

Answer: The beauty of tattoo designs is that you can pick any song name you wish. A true artist will add the song of your choice to the portrait or sleeve tattoo. Some popular song names include “Hey, Joe,” “Castles Made of Sand,” “Foxy Lady,” or “Purple Haze.” My favorite song is “Little Wing.”


As long as you follow my tips, Jimi Hendrix is another legend you can safely ink onto your skin. Don’t allow an inexperienced tattoo artist to ink his face on your bottom. Consider the quality, depth, and experience before talking to the artist about which Jimi Hendrix tattoo you want.

I shared a few customizable options you can change. After all, I’m sharing ideas and not precise designs. However, I love some techniques, like the “Self-Made” Jimi Hendrix Portrait Tattoo, because it’s a simple portrait with impressive details. I’d never regret inking this beauty on my skin to honor the rock legend.

I also love the “Famous Quote” Jimi Hendrix Lyric Tattoo because it’s more personal for me than portrait inks. You can add any lyrics or your most-cherished quote from Hendrix.

Additionally, I’m wild for the “Woodstock Hippie” Jimi Hendrix Concert Tattoo because I love unique tattoos. His outfit is memorable but unique in ink.

I hope my ideas inspired something fresh, honorable, and as great as the legend you love. So, go ahead and design one from the many ideas I shared.

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