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Pink Floyd Tattoo Ideas: The Only Inspirational List You’ll Ever Need

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Tattoos are only becoming more popular with 36% of young Americans having at least one tattoo. If you want to get a tattoo but aren’t sure what to get, take a look at your record collection for inspiration. This is why so many people get band tattoos, specifically Pink Floyd tattoos.

Pink Floyd is an iconic band that revolutionized the progressive rock genre. They took the rock music sound and pushed it to the farthest limits. With popular songs such as “Wish You Were Here,” “Another Brick in the Wall,” “Comfortably Numb,” “Hey You,” “The Great Gig in the Sky,” and “Time,” Pink Floyd captured a worldwide audience and influenced a generation of musicians.

Do you need some Pink Floyd tattoo ideas? Here are a few recommendations I have.

Where to Get a Pink Floyd Tattoo

While knowing which Pink Floyd design to get is important, you should also know where you want to get your tattoo. Here are a few suggestions.


Forearm tattoos are popular because they’re bold. You can easily show off your tattoo so the world can see how much you love Pink Floyd. If you need to cover it up, just wear a long-sleeve shirt.

If you have low pain tolerance, the forearm is one of the least painful places on the body. Depending on the size of your forearm, you can fit a decent-sized tattoo on this part of the body. I have pretty small arms but I have two forearm tattoos: one on the top forearm and one on the bottom. Just make sure the design is on the longer side.

back tattoo


Bicep tattoos are popular among men and women. A Pink Floyd tattoo on the bicep can easily draw attention from onlookers. If you’re into fitness, a bicep tattoo can accentuate your muscles.

Since the bicep is a larger part of the arm, you can fit a decent-sized Pink Floyd design on this part of the arm — even if you’re a woman or anyone with small arms. You can also cover them up easily, perfect if you work in a strict office environment.

There’s also the inner bicep. For many, it’s discreet but you can also show off your tattoo easily. Some people prefer starting a sleeve off here (I prefer starting my sleeve on the outer bicep).

Like the outer bicep, concealing an inner bicep tattoo is easy. That and tattoos in this area look really cool. However, I find the inner bicep to be one of the most painful places. On the other hand, the outer bicep is a piece of cake.


You can always go up a little further and get a shoulder tattoo. Believe it or not, the skin on your shoulders doesn’t change or stretch as much as other parts of the body.

This means the tattoo won’t warp over time. Plus, you’ll likely wear a shirt that covers up the shoulder, better preserving the tattoo. Fewer people experience healing problems when getting a tattoo on the shoulder.


If you have a muscular chest, chest tattoos (also called chest pieces) can accentuate all the hard work you put into fitness. A great chest tattoo will draw the eye to your middle section. Plus, I think chest pieces have a cool vibe.


The back is one of the best places to get a tattoo for many reasons. It’s flat and easy for the artist to work with. It’s long and wide, so you can fit nearly any Pink Floyd artwork on the back. It also doesn’t hold as much fat as other parts of the body, so the tattoo shouldn’t warp if you gain or lose weight.

Since it’s a low-key spot that’s one of the easiest places to cover up, it’s an ideal choice if you need to cover up your tattoo. The only issue is back tattoos are some of the roughest ones, especially if you’re getting the tattoo near your spine.


Rib tattoos are great if you want a small tattoo that you can cover up easily. However, ribs are high up on the pain scale. Everyone is different and for many, the pain is worth it.


Your calf is one of the easiest places to tattoo. It’s mainly made of muscle and fat, so the artist can easily work with that area. Most people report that calf tattoos don’t hurt a lot.


My first tattoo was on the front of my thigh. It’s a very fleshy, muscular, and fatty area, and the pain was minimal. I also have a tattoo on the side of my thigh and that area didn’t hurt either. Plus, you can fit a large-sized Pink Floyd tattoo on this part of the body.

Full-Sleeve or Half-Sleeve?

What if you want a Pink Floyd sleeve? Should you opt for a full-sleeve or a half-sleeve? I only suggest getting a full-sleeve if you know that’s what you want.

When I first started getting tattoos, I 100% knew I wanted a full-sleeve. Now my full sleeve is done and I love it. However, if you’re unsure, I say start with a half-sleeve. You can always add more tattoos later on if you want a full-sleeve.

Leg sleeves are becoming popular. I wouldn’t get one but I think they’re really striking, especially when you go to the right artist. Plus, leg sleeves aren’t as common, so that makes them even cooler!

Pink Floyd Tattoo Styles

So you want a Pink Floyd tattoo. Now, which one should you get? If you’re not sure, here are some recommendations.

If you know you want a Pink Floyd tattoo but aren’t sure what to get, their band logo is always a good start. The Pink Floyd logo is also simple, so it’s a great choice if this is your first tattoo. Since the tattoo is small and easy, it won’t hurt as much as the artist should finish the tattoo in no time.

Album Artwork

If you want to go a step further, get one of Pink Floyd’s albums tattooed on you. Albums such as The WallWish You Were Here, and The Dark Side of the Moon are all popular options. But if you really want to express your fan hood, I suggest going for one of their lesser-known albums. I personally love the Animals album cover.

back tattoo


There are many incredible Pink Floyd songs with amazing lyrics. If a Pink Floyd song holds a special meaning to you, specifically one of their lyrics, I suggest getting that tattooed.

Band Member Portraits

Pink Floyd has legendary members, such as Roger Waters and David Gilmour. If you want to honor these musicians, consider getting their portrait. You’ll have this portrait on your body to say that they’re your favorite musician. I’ve also seen some Syd Barrett tattoos that fans got as a memorial (he passed in 2006).

Fan Art

Did you create some Pink Floyd-inspired art? Get it tattooed to show your unique devotion to the band. Maybe a friend created the artwork, instead. There’s also Pink Floyd fan art posted around the internet. If you found some cool Pink Floyd fan art that you want to be tattooed, it’s best to get permission from the artist.


3D tattoos have become extremely popular. These tattoos add more depth than your traditional tattoo design, creating a 3D effect that looks like the tattoo is coming out of your skin. Pink Floyd has a lot of detailed and complex artwork, perfect to achieve that 3D effect.

My Favorite Pink Floyd Tattoos

Are you looking for more Pink Floyd tattoo inspiration? Here are my favorite picks that I found online!

Wish You Were Here Forearm Tattoo



Wish You Were Here is one of the most recognizable albums and songs by Pink Floyd. The album artwork shows two men shaking hands, but one is on fire. The symbolism is that people tend to conceal their true feelings for “fear of getting burned.” As an alternative, you’ll also see what looks like two robots shaking hands. The symbolism here is that a handshake is a simple social gesture, devoid of any true meaning.


The song “Wish You Were Here” was written about former Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett, who left the group due to mental inability after heavy drug use. He became detached, lost, and disengaged from the rest of the world — a reality that pained bassist Roger Waters.

Because of the powerful imagery and deep meaning behind the song and album, the album artwork is a perfect Pink Floyd tattoo. The model here has the tattoo on the inside of the forearm. I also love the dot work in the background, it gives the image more depth. Credit: @wrednababa_tattoo.


If you want something simpler, you can always tattoo the Pink Floyd logo. Their logo is simple yet striking, and other fans will quickly recognize that distinguishable logo. Getting the tattoo done in black is a sure way to ensure it stands out. I think the model here has the tattoo on the arm but I can’t tell which part of the arm from the picture. Credit: @blackpeonytattooart.


Dark Side of the Moon Album Cover


Dark Side of the Moon is another legendary Pink Floyd album cover. The cover depicts light passing through a prism. It serves as symbolism for many things, but most notably the band’s lyrics and stage lighting. After years of obscure album artwork, the band also wanted something still bold yet simple for Dark Side of the Moon.


The prism is also notable. Triangles and prisms symbolize ambition and thought, which represents the majority of Roger Waters’ lyrics. Dark Side of the Moon is a concept album as a whole, taking a look at the fragility of life. The lyrics center around themes such as mental illness, money, weariness, and even coming of age. It’s a very personal album, especially to Waters, so the band needed a standout cover.

Taking all of this into account, I absolutely love the design of this tattoo. We see the prism with light passing through, but against a black upside-down triangle. Upside-down triangles lack stability and will fall, so this tells me the tattoo takes the album’s concept a step farther. I can’t tell if the tattoo was done on the arm or leg. It’s relatively small, a good tattoo to get if you don’t want a massive piece. Credit: @aleenahkentattoo.

Animals Album Cover Tattoo


Animals is my favorite Pink Floyd album! The album artwork represents the inhuman appearance of a factory. You see a small pig flying in the sky, which is a direct reference to the song “Pigs on the Wing.” The flying pig is a symbol of hope.


As with many Pink Floyd albums, Animals is a concept album that likens the human condition to the lives of animals. Roger Waters is suggesting our society and even social values are experiencing moral decay. Waters used George Orwell’s Animal Farm as an inspiration, separating the human stereotype into three animals: Dog (ambitious middle-class), Pigs (corrupt leaders), and Sheep (ignorant common folk).

The album represents a lot of doom and gloom, taking heavy societal topics and putting them in your face. However, the songs are balanced by “Pigs on the Wing” parts one and two. Waters write both songs for his wife at the time. But in the context of the larger album, the songs look at the compassion the humans have — no matter which societal class you’re in.

The tattoo artist here took the intricate album artwork with bright colors, taking away from the gloomy aspects of the cover. The tattoo is absolutely beautiful. It looks like that tattoo is on the outer bicep, which I think is the perfect place to get this tattoo. Credit: @alexiabrazeau_.

Gas Creature

Gas Creature Tattoo Pink Floyd

If you want a more unique Pink Floyd tattoo, I suggest looking into the lesser-known characters that Pink Floyd created. The gas creature, such as in this tattoo, is the perfect example. In the film version of The Wall, the gas-masked people represented the frightened ones. They hid as Nazis attacked them using the blitz.

This is a very simple tattoo yet holds so much meaning. It only features line work and light shading, perfect for a first tattoo or if you don’t want a detailed Pink Floyd tattoo.

“Time” Tattoo

pink floyd timeless tattoo

If you want a tattoo that represents a Pink Floyd song, you can get more creative than simply tattooing song lyrics. Take a look at this tattoo as an example. The tattoo features the prism from Dark Side of the Moon, but a clock with roman numerals is inside of the prism. This represents one of Pink Floyd’s most famous songs, “Time.”

Flowers Tattoo

Pink Floyd Flowers Tattoo

As you can tell, Pink Floyd are the masters of imagery in their concept albums, especially in their film The Wall. You have so many design options from this movie, such as the legendary flower scene.

This scene starts off with two flowers. The larger flower devours the smaller flower, and both combine to form a variety of different images. It’s one of the most disturbing scenes in the whole movie, yet this scene (which only lasts about a minute) is a favorite of fans.

Here, the two flowers emerge from a human heart. I’m unsure of the message that the fan is conveying. The classic interpretation of this scene is the phallic flower consumes the yonic flower, but the yonic flower overpowers the phallic flower.

However, other interpretations I’m discovering is that everything on the wall is corrupted — even beautiful flowers can become horrific. But with the themes of war and death in the film, the human heart can symbolize the power of life over war and material possessions — and that life brings beauty back to the flowers.

The song title “Comfortably Numb” is underneath the image. I’m not sure why — the song itself symbolizes the separation between your mind and reality. Maybe the message here is life is the only reality that matters?


Question: Why is the band called Pink Floyd?

Answer: The band got its name from two prominent blues musicians:  Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

Question: What’s Pink Floyd’s most popular song?

Answer: “Comfortably Numb.”

Question: Why is Pink Floyd famous?

Answer: Pink Floyd were the archetypes behind the progressive rock movement. Their music embodied blues but also held the spacey themes that were prevalent for the time period. They also wrote lyrics based on societal, political, and emotional commentaries. In addition, most of their albums were concept albums, so they revolutionized that writing style.

Bottom Line

Tattoos are popular and more people are getting tattoos based on their favorite bands. A band like Pink Floyd is not only legendary but they have so many amazing designs that you can get tattooed. In addition to choosing a bold design, you’ll want to know where to get your tattoo. I hope I offered you some inspiration for your next Pink Floyd tattoo!

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