Best Pink Floyd Hoodies

Best Pink Floyd Hoodies to Celebrate the Iconic Psychedelic Band

Pink Floyd is one of the most popular bands ever to exist. While I never got too heavily into their music, I once had a drumming student who was completely obsessed with them. Considering the fact that he was born in 2002 made me realize how strongly Pink Floyd’s songs have stood the test of time, and I appreciated the band so much more after that.

They were a group of musicians from England who pushed the boundaries of live performance, making some of the weirdest music of the time. Everyone loved it, and it showed in all their album sales.

Pink Floyd has a highly successful merchandise store running. You can get all kinds of apparel that is related to the band in some way. For this article, I’m going to look at some top-quality hoodies.

Bottom Line Up Front

Out of all the hoodies I’ve picked, The Dark Side of the Moon Pullover Hoodie is my first choice. The Dark Side of the Moon is one of the most successful albums to ever be released, making it a rich part of Pink Floyd’s history. The prism graphic shape with the rainbow colors is instantly recognizable as the album cover.

All the hoodies are fantastic, though. Most of the hoodies that I’ve mentioned on this list are available to purchase from the official Pink Floyd merchandise store. A few of them can be bought on Amazon as well.

My Top Picks at a Glance

Selection Criteria


I made sure to select hoodies that have significance relating to the band. I also made sure to choose ones that vary from each other. Some have album art, while others simply have the name of the band with an interesting design.

All the hoodies on this list are made from top-quality material. The ones that are a bit more affordable are made from lighter material, while the more expensive ones are thicker and more appropriate for cold conditions.

Every hoodie on this list will give you a talking point about the band. When people see you wearing it, you’ll be able to explain something about Pink Floyd, which I think is really cool!

Best Pink Floyd Hoodies to Wear

The Dark Side of the Moon Pullover Hoodie

The Dark Side of the Moon changed the game for Pink Floyd. While the band was fairly successful before it was released, this was the album that put their name on the world stage. It sold around 45 million copies, making it one of the most successful albums to ever be released by a band. That’s insane.

Any Pink Floyd fan should have something related to this album, as it’s one of the key elements of the band’s success. This hoodie has the album cover on the front, along with the band’s name above it.

The band was very well-known for their expert use of lighting during live performances, and the prism reflecting light in this picture could not be more perfect.

The hoodie is made from 80/20 cotton/poly unisex fleece. It feels quite soft to wear, and I love how the arms tighten up at the wrists. If I were to recommend just one hoodie to you, it would be this one. It feels as though you’re wearing the album cover.

It costs between $60 and $70, depending on when and where you buy it. That’s quite pricey for a hoodie, but you’ll find most band merch prices fall somewhere in this range. Compared to the other hoodies I’m going to suggest, $60 is fairly normal.


  • Has a picture of one of the most famous album cover artworks of all time
  • Fairly slim fit
  • Many sizes available


  • None

Tree Of Half Life Pullover Hoodie

The Tree of Half Life is an interesting topic in the world of Pink Floyd. The band always had varying themes surrounding it, and meanings were contrived from all the songs and albums. While they were a group that performed for crowds with amazing music, they were also a group of artists that people would decipher meaning from.

The Tree of Half Life is an image taken and made by Storm Thorgerson. It was used in an artistic book called Mind Over Matter, which had album artwork and various imagery surrounding the band that Thorgerson created.

This tree has been used on several Pink Floyd T-shirts and other merch, and I love that it has a unique story behind it. One would assume that it was an album cover or something similar, but you have to dig a bit deeper to get its meaning.

This hoodie is made from the same material as the previous one. The difference is the artwork on the front. A lot of Pink Floyd’s work was quite abstract, so this is the perfect hoodie to choose if you’re looking for more abstractness.


  • Features unique artwork from Storm Thorgerson
  • I love the black and white contrast
  • Another hoodie with a slim fit


  • It’s difficult to find the meaning of the graphic

Faded Animals Hoodie

Animals was an album that Pink Floyd released in 1972. This concept album focused on the political conditions of Britain. When people ask me what Pink Floyd as a band is all about, I often refer to this album.

It has three main tracks, which are all over ten minutes in length. Pigs on the Wing Parts One and Two are the intro and outro tracks on the album, and both of them are just over a minute long. The album is a fantastic experience, and it’s intended to be listened to from start to finish.

This hoodie has the album cover printed on the front, which has a pig floating over chimneys from a power station.

The interesting thing about this hoodie is that you can get it in black, navy, dark heather, and royal blue. However, I only think it looks good in the black version. The album cover doesn’t seem to fit too well with the other colors, in my opinion.

The Animals album is often referred to as the best Floyd album after The Dark Side of the Moon, making this an epic hoodie to choose.


  • Animals album cover on the front
  • Looser fit compared to the previous two hoodies
  • Multiple color options


  • The other color options don’t look as good as the black one

Arnold Layne Pullover Hoodie

Arnold Layne was Pink Floyd’s first released single. Candy and the Currant Bun was on the B side of the disk. This hoodie celebrates this release by having both song names printed on it along with the names of the band members.

Something interesting to note is that the hoodie has Syd Barret’s name on it. He was the original frontman of the band, but he only stayed part of the group for the first three years. He left Pink Floyd because of mental health issues and his excessive use of drugs.

I love that this hoodie has Syd’s name on it, as it serves as a reminder that he was one of the original band members. He was the primary songwriter for the first few years, so his impact on the group was massive.

This hoodie represents the beginning of Pink Floyd, and it all started in 1967. You can see from the text that the group was originally called “The Pink Floyd,” which I think is a cool bit of history.

You can get this hoodie in black, navy, dark heather, and royal blue. While you can’t go wrong with black, I love how the navy blue version looks as well. The pink letters seem to pop out nicely with that color.


  • Celebrates the beginning of Pink Floyd
  • Has Syd Barret’s name on it
  • Four different color options


  • Some people may not like that it says “The Pink Floyd”

World Tour ’94 Zip Hoodie

Here’s an option for the people that love zip hoodies. It references the 1994 world tour that Pink Floyd did. The significance behind this tour was that it was the last set of gigs that the band ever played as a group. The only time that they played live again after this was in 2005 for a once-off gig.

The band just released The Division Bell before the tour started, which was their fourteenth studio album. The small image on the front chest of the hoodie is a reference to the album cover. The back of the hoodie has the band’s name on top of a world tour box that has been drawn with the date.

This is one of the few hoodies on this list that has artwork on the backside as well, which adds an extra layer.


  • Celebrates Pink Floyd’s final tour as a band
  • Zip design
  • Has graphics on the front and back


  • More expensive than most of the other hoodies I’ve suggested

Vintage Dark Side of the Moon Tour Sweatshirt Hoodie Pink Floyd Sudadera con banda para hombre, diseño vintage con el lado oscuro de la luna : Ropa, Zapatos y Joyería

If you want a hoodie that is a bit more affordable than the others, a sweatshirt hoodie is a fantastic option. This particular one has a cream base color, which makes it a lot brighter and more inviting than many of the others on this list.

The front graphic references The Dark Side of the Moon world tour, while the back has all the dates and venues that the band played at. I love shirts and hoodies like this. They put you back in the timeframe of when those dates happened, and you get to think about all the shows and events that the band played at.

The Dark Side of the Moon tour was one of the most successful tours that Pink Floyd did, considering the huge success of the album.

Apart from being more affordable, this hoodie is also a lot lighter than the others. It’s great to wear in weather that isn’t too cold. It would also work well for the gym.


  • More affordable than the other hoodies on this list
  • References The Dark Side of the Moon tour
  • Ideal for climates that aren’t too cold but are still cold enough to wear a hoodie


  • I wish there were more color options

Pink Logo Pullover Hoodie

Pink Floyd "Logo" Sudadera con capucha, de color rosa o de manga larga T-Shirt | eBay

Here’s a good option for people who love simplicity. Grey is one of my favorite colors for hoodies, and this grey one simply has the band name displayed on the front.

The text of the name is slightly faded, which gives it an interesting appearance that I think looks great. This is the type of hoodie that I suggest you buy a size up to have an oversized hoodie to wear in casual settings.

If you love the band and just want their name put on an item of clothing, this is the hoodie for you. Even though the design is simple, the hoodie still costs a fair bit due to the branding, so keep that in mind.


  • Great option to wear as an oversized hoodie
  • Simple design
  • Good for casual wear


  • High price, even though the design is simplistic

Pink Four Pullover Hoodie

Pink Floyd are one of the few bands I know of where all the band members are entirely equal. It’s one of my favorite things about them, as most people know them as a group, and casual listeners may not even be able to list any of the members by name.

This hoodie has face profiles of David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason. It also has a live photo of the band performing with bright moons in the background. I love the design here, as it brings a bit of attention to each band member.

When people see you wear this, you’ll be able to explain who each band member is and what instruments they play.


  • Highlights the band members of Pink Floyd
  • Great design on the front


  • You get multiple color options, but only the black one looks good with the graphic

The Final Cut Pullover Hoodie

The Final Cut was the album where things started to fall apart a bit for Pink Floyd. Richard Wright wasn’t part of it, as he left the band a few years earlier. Roger Waters left the band a few years after, so this was his final album. David Gilmour was apprehensive of many of the tunes released. Nick Mason didn’t even play any drums.

Even after all those internal struggles within the group, I’d say this is still a classic album that many people love. So, it’s great to have a hoodie that calls back to it.

The hoodie has the album artwork displayed proudly on the front. It looks incredible when contrasted with black material. The navy option looks fairly good as well. I’m not a big fan of the royal blue or dark heather options, which you’ve probably noticed from all the hoodies I’ve suggested so far.


  • Celebrates one of the last albums Pink Floyd made
  • Simplistic design of the album cover looks great on a hoodie


  • Only the black and navy options look good


Question: What are Pink Floyd’s Most Popular Songs?

Answer: With 15 studio albums being released, Pink Floyd had dozens of bangers. They’re one of the bands where I suggest listening to whole albums. Each album had an overall theme, and the songs tend to go quite well together when played in order.

With that being said, here are the top songs that most people tend to love:

• Astronomy Domine
• Brain Damage
• Have a Cigar
• Echoes
• Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)
7 Money
• Shine On You Crazy Diamond
• Wish You Were Here
• Time
• Comfortably Numb

Question: What Type of Music Did Pink Floyd Play?

Answer: Pink Floyd’s music was labeled as many things over the years. The band members even came out and said that they didn’t have specific styles in mind when making it. The music was genre-breaking a lot of the time.

If I were to label their style, I think psychedelic rock would be the best term to use. Other people would label them as a progressive rock band, which describes them quite well too. Their music is so much more than that, with some of it lending from pop ideas. Other Pink Floyd music is quite ambient at times.

Question: Who Were the Members of Pink Floyd?

Answer: The original members of Pink Floyd were Syd Barret, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason.
Syd Barret was the first frontman and main songwriter, but he left the group in 1968 due to mental health struggles, and the rest of the band found him very difficult to work with.

David Gilmour replaced him. He had subbed for Barret a few times on tours, and the band decided to take him in as the new frontman. Those four people stayed the core of the band for most of their touring career.

Roger Waters left the band in 1985, while the rest of the members continued to perform until their final tour in 1994.

Question: How Many Members of Pink Floyd Have Passed Away?

Answer: Syd Barret died in 2006 due to health issues. He had complications with diabetes. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much contact with the band after leaving the group in 1968.

Richard Wright died in 2008 from lung cancer. The other members of the band are still healthy and making music. They occasionally perform versions of Pink Floyd songs.

Question: Why is The Dark Side of the Moon Album So Popular?

Answer: There are a few reasons why The Dark Side of the Moon is a world-famous album. At the time it came out, experimental albums weren’t very popular. Pink Floyd took this idea and demonstrated to the world how amazing it could be.0

The songs on the album push boundaries, make you think deeply, and trigger emotions. You know music is good when it makes you feel something.

When you listen from beginning to end, it’s seamless, enhancing the whole experience. The overall theme of the album reflects life as we know it. It explores death, greed, time, and mental illness.

The album has stood the test of time, as it’s still one of the top-selling albums in the world in the modern day.

Question: When Did Pink Floyd Stop Touring?

Answer: Pink Floyd did their final tour as a band in 1994. However, there have been a few occasions where members of the band have come together to perform.

The only times that all four members have performed together after that were in 2005 and 2006. The first one was a gig at a charity concert called, Live 8. The second was at the tribute concert for Syd Barret after he died.

One or two members have performed Pink Floyd songs together apart from those events.


You’ll find that most hoodies from bands are black hoodies with graphics printed on the front. It’s a tried and tested design, and most people love it. My top pick from this list has the same design, which may seem a bit boring, but I don’t think much can beat The Dark Side of the Moon Pullover Hoodie.

If you want something a bit different from the norm, then consider getting one of the hoodies that pay tribute to certain tours that Pink Floyd did. All of those have varying colors and designs.

My final parting advice is to keep in mind that band merch is often quite pricey. While you could easily find a great hoodie for $30, and Pink Floyd hoodie is going to cost a bit more than that. I think they’re all well worth their price, though!

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