Calum Vaughan

Calum has been a huge fan of rock music since he was young. He grew up listening to it, and from age eight, he began learning guitar. His father was a huge influence and encouraged him to pursue his dream of music. Now Calum is a professional musician and freelance writer. He's excited to share his love of rock music and his massive amount of knowledge, along with showcasing his own time in the industry.

David Bowie Makeup Guide

Are you a fan of David Bowie and have always wondered how he achieved his iconic makeup looks? Today we’re going to discover what kind of makeup this iconic man liked to use and the different makeup looks he used to create some of his most well-known alter-egos. Bowie’s striking makeup looks and personas have […]

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Best David Bowie Posters

Ahhh, David Bowie… ever since he passed away, I’ve been thinking that the world has never seen a musician quite like him. From his incredible songwriting ability and creativity to his mesmerizing stage presence and fashion sense, this dude had it all. I’ve been listening to his music on repeat for years, often returning to

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Best Beatles Posters

The Beatles once said All You Need Is Love”, and whilst this is a poetic phrase, it’s not quite true! Even if you’re a super dedicated fan of The Beatles like me, there are loads of different things that you need in life, and some of the best Beatles posters are a prime example! I’ve

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