Altin Gjoni

Altin is a lifelong and professional guitarist. He credits his father's cassette collection of classic rock and blues as his first introduction to the genre and his biggest inspiration. In addition to music, Altin is a freelance writer specializing in music and pop culture. He's excited to bring you his takes on your favorite rock musicians and their merch!

the police band history

The Police Band History

The biggest band that emerged from the British new wave scene is, without a doubt ‘The Police.’ The power trio led by Sting immediately topped the charts with a never-before-heard blend of rock, jazz, reggae, and world music. As a child, I would listen to their songs on the radio for hours, and growing up, …

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Johnny Cash Bio

Johnny Cash is a legend of his Era with a legacy beyond music. Even if you have never heard one of his songs or are not into country music, you probably know who Johnny Cash is. His music has been playing in my house for as long as I can remember, and the older I …

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joni mitchell bio

Joni Mitchell Bio: A Lifetime of Immortal Music, Poetry, and Art

Arguably the most influential female singer-songwriter of all time, Joni Mitchell has touched millions of lives, including mine, and inspired generations. In this Joni Mitchell bio, I will detail a one-of-a-kind artist’s life, challenges, style, and immortal music. She is a master of words, a painter, and a virtuoso performer that astonished audiences with her …

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