Altin Gjoni

Altin is a lifelong and professional guitarist. He credits his father's cassette collection of classic rock and blues as his first introduction to the genre and his biggest inspiration. In addition to music, Altin is a freelance writer specializing in music and pop culture. He's excited to bring you his takes on your favorite rock musicians and their merch!

The Everly Brothers Band History: Before The Beatles, There Were The Everlys

The Beatles inspired the world, but who inspired them? Before the name Rock n’ Roll was uttered for the first time, two brothers from Kentucky sang heavenly harmonies and wrote guitar riffs like Lenon & McCartney or Simon & Garfunkel would years after to enchant the world. The Everly Brothers Band History is a charming […]

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jack white bio

Jack White Bio

Revolutionary, genius, and controversial, Jack White ticks all the boxes for being a timeless rock star. In true rock fashion, the man behind White Stripes is an artist who never did anything in a conventional way. This Jack White’s bio is full of unexpected decisions and events that make him worthy of being the ultimate

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Don Henley Bio

The story of the Eagles is one of glorious collaboration between talented musicians and even more glorious fights between egos. Of the many voices the band had, Don Henley’s is probably the one that achieved the biggest success as a solo artist. Along with his unquestionable contribution to some of classic rock’s biggest staples, legal

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Journey Band History

The glorious days of arena rock would not be as memorable without Journey. There could not be a better name for a band that went through many changes, successes, and failures and almost single-handedly rose the power ballad to the charts. Journey’s band history is the epitome of 80s rock and the clashes between some

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