Kenaz Filan

Kenaz grew up around rock music; more specifically, he grew up in the Rust Belt during the 1970s. If you ask him, rock music is the soundtrack to the misspent youth. He loves all types of rock, from Rockabilly to Country Rock to Hard Rock; his playlist has something for every rock fan. With such a diverse playlist and years of writing skills, it only makes sense that he shares that knowledge with you!

AC/DC Band History

AC/DC Band History

I first heard AC/DC in 1978 on the television program The Midnight Special. I was 13, and they spoke my youthful and testosterone-charged language. With a wee guitarist in a schoolboy uniform and a frontman who sang with a perpetual leer, AC/DC was a bubblegum band for audiences who had just discovered their uncles’ nudie […]

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The Stooges Band History

Even if I were old enough to catch the Stooges first go-around, I probably still wouldn’t remember them. It took years for the world to catch up with The Stooges’ raw, bluesy sound and lead singer Iggy Pop’s confrontational performance style. Most audiences in the early 1970s saw the Stooges as a band of incompetent

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